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UNM in Malmö, August 26-30

UNM (Ung Nordisk Musik) is a festival for contemporary classical music that offers opportunities for young composers to be performed by professional ensembles. This year hosted by Malmö, Sweden.

The Festival Theme for 2014 is Music Resistance with venues including Palladium, Inter Arts Center and STPLN - a makers space in Västra hamnen.

Among the 35 composers, Sweden is represented by Max Wainright, Ricardo S. Eizirik, Lisa Streich, Kristin Boussard, Joakim Jalhed, Hampus Norén and Alessandro Perini. And performing their works are ensembles such as Pärlor för svin, Musica Vitae, Mimitabu, and Hidden Mother.

Much-awaited Swedish opera anthology

Edition Suecia’s Swedish Opera Arias 1874-2009 in a four-volume compilation (soprano, mezzo/alto, tenor and baritone/bass) for voice and piano. This exclusive collection covers over 140 arias from 89 operas, from The Bride of the Mountain King by Ivar Hallström 1874 to Goya by Daniel Börtz 2009.

You order it, for immediate delivery, from our web shop Swedish Music Shop - here!

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Our digitalisation project completed

More than 18,000 works to search among!
We are happy to announce that we have successfully completed our digitalisation project of contemporary classical music! Now you can search for all the works that are deposited at "Svensk Musik" in our online database. Here you will find music by the early 20th century composers such as Alfvén, Larsson, Rosenberg and Stenhammar as well as music by contemporary composers - for example Britta Byström, Thomas Lindahl, Anders Nilsson, Catharina Palmér, Karin Rehnqvist, Marie Samuelsson, Sven-David Sandström and Benjamin Staern and many others.

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