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Per Lundkvist 100 years (1916-1999)

Swedish composer, pianist, conductor, organist among other things - Per Lundkvist - would have turned hundred om May 26th. Mr Lundkvist covered a wide musical scene from leading entertainment orchestras to being an opera coach. From Summer stage park concerts to shortwave radio in the States during the 40's. You will be able to find a significant part of his music in our archives.

Photo: Karin Kullersten

Nathan Görling (1905-2002)

Nathan Görling is best known for composing the soundtrack of more than 50 films. Several of these works are included in our large collection of popular music. Thanks to Görling's relatives, we can now extend our classical collection with more than 50 works in manuscript for piano, organ, solo, chorus, chamber ensemble and orchestra, composed between 1924-1957. All available through Svensk Musik - the Swedish Music Information Centre!

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We would like to inform you that Svensk Musik and our printing office will be closed for the Summer holidays July 11th thru August 5th.

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