First performances

New acquisitions

The application

for Stimstipendiet opens on Thursday!

Members of Stim are welcome to apply for this years Stimstipendium. The application is open August 25th through September 26th and closes at 15:00 Swedish time (UTC+1)

We recommend that you submit your application well in advance. Best of luck!

Donation to SKAPs archive

The archive has recently received a
major donation of sheet music
by the agency of Ehrlingförlagen.
It contains Swedish as well as international repertoire from the early days of popular song to present day.

We would like to thank Ehrlingförlagen cordially for entrusting us with the responsible task to hold in trust this cultural heritage.
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Presentation day

for the Swedish Orchestral Contempurary Music 2 June 10-16 in Malmö Live
For the second year in a row, the Society of Swedish Composers and the Royal Academy of Music organizes a Presentation Day for new Swedish orchestral music . This year it is hosted by Malmö Symphony Orchestra in the new concert hall Malmö Live. June 2 the orchestra will perform 10 short pieces for a specially invited audience, in order to extend and broaden the Swedish orchestra repertoire.

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