Welcome to our web shop! Here you can buy sheet music and CDs directly from our unique archives.

The sheet music that is for sale can be found in our classical catalogue and in Edition Suecia’s catalogue. The CDs released by Phono Suecia are also sold on this webbsite.

Classical catalogue
The works that are deposited here are for sale. They are either works published by Edition Suecia or unpublished works.

Hire materials
Certain works are only for hire. This usually applies to works for orchestra. The scores for these works are for sale, while the parts are only for rent.

Contact the rental agent to rent sheet music or for more inforation about the rental materials.

Not all works are priced; these works can therefore not be placed in the shopping cart. You can make inquiries regarding such works by using the email link Inquiries. We will then scan the work, which will automatically supply a price for the sheet music. We will then answer with an email that the work is available, either for sale or rent.

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Composers have rebates on their own works. Buying large numbers of choir parts can also result in a rebate. To get your rebate, contact our sales reperesentative. Read more about payment, rebates, and shipping here.

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