Stim’s (Swedish Performing Rights Society) recording commitments started back in 1948-49 and include distribution grants to various record companies and its own recordings.

Phono Suecia was founded in 1966 in connection with the production of a gramophone record for the ISCM Festival in Stockholm.

Until the beginning of the 1980s, many STIM-funded productions were issued by various Swedish record companies. Since then, the recordings have been produced on its own Phono Suecia label and some popular music on the Favorit label.

From 1990 onwards, record productions have been part of the work of the Swedish Music Information Centre.

The aim of the recordings is to spread important music that for various reasons is not being issued by the record companies. The focus is on copyright-protected Swedish works by contemporary composers who are not well represented on record.

Phono Suecia’s repertoires mainly consist of contemporary classical music, performed by prominent musicians or ensembles, often in close collaboration with the composers. Everything is presented here, from orchestral and choral works, chamber music for various instrumentations, to electroacoustic music and jazz.

Musica Sveciae Modern Classics
In 1998, Phono Suecia, Swedish Radio and the Royal Swedish Academy of Music began collaboratively releasing a continuation of Musica Sveciae CDs in the Modern Classics series. The Modern Classics anthology presents music composed between 1920 and 1945 and the series ended in 2003 with a CD of Hilding Rosenberg’s opera "The Island of Bliss". This production won the Grammy Award for the Best Classical Album in 2003.

Phono Suecia’s series of re-releases under the names Phono Suecia/Echo and Phono Suecia/Echo Jazz present older STIM recordings. The catalogue includes several laudable recordings of big bands, such as the Radio Jazz Group, Tolvan Big Band, Bohuslän Big Band and Norrbotten Big Band.

New arrangements of ballads and other early entertainment music are issued on the Favorit label.

Phono Suecia has high standards of performance, sound, cd-commentaries and design and on several occasions has been nominated and awarded the Swedish Gramophone Award, Grammy Award and the Orchestra Journal’s Golden Record.

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