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In the sheet music collection, which is comprised of circa 50000 titles, one can find schlagers, revues, operettas, musicals, and theatre music, as well as jazz and folk songs (and even children’s songs).

The sheet music collection is composed primarily of piano music, in the form of arrangements for piano with song texts. There are however also whole arrangements for salon orchestras and choirs, among others, though they are fewer in number.

Among the composers included are the so-called revue kings Emil Norlander, Ernst Rolf and Karl Gerhard, and the schlager giants Fred Winter, Jules Sylvain, Helge Lindberg, Kai Gullmar, Lasse Dahlqvist, just to name a few on this impressively long list of well-known Swedish popular music profiles, all of whom are richly represented in the collections. The jazz manuscript collection is comprised of more than 600 Swedish compositions, including the internationally known Lars Gullin’s complete works. A catalogue of that collection, as well as one of Lars Färnlöf’s production, can be requested free of charge.

Among other manuscripts worthy of mention are both printed and handwritten sheet music and texts by well-known popular composers and writers, revue composers, producers, arrangers, singers, instrumentalists and conductors.

A larger collection of press clippings about Swedish popular music and its composers are part of the archive. The earliest clippings are from the start of the 1930s (SKAP began its work on November 26, 1926).

Here can also be found a generous photo archive, with thousands of pictures of Swedish composers, artists and copyright holders.

Catalogues and registries
Publications of Swedish Music Information Centre catalogue of Swedish popular music, consisting of the main catalogue and supplements from the years 1900-1969, with several usable search registers, is available for sale.

Among Swedish Music Information Centre's publications are biographies of Kai Gullmar, Nalle Halldén, Fred Winter and Gösta Rybrant (aka Flips); a Swedish jazz discography, signed Harry Nicolausson, from circa 1929 to 1980; and the five-volume dictionary Musik i Svenska Ljudfilmer (Music in Swedish Sound Movies), edited by Sven G. Winquist.

The archive was founded at the start of the 1950s by the songwriter and music researcher Ulf Peder Olrog (1919-1972) together with the librettist Fritz­Gustaf Sundelöf (1895 ­ 1974).Both gentlemen were prominent members of SKAP (The Swedish Society of Popular Music Composers). In 1966, Stim, the Swedish performing rights society, took over the costs for the administration of the archive as well as its customer service. Since then, the archive is part of Swedish Music Information Centre.

If the respective publishers no longer sell the desired out-of-print sheet music, the archive can, for a reasonable fee, make copies. The price per melody (maximum 4 A4 pages) is 50 SEK including sales tax. For copies of shorter works/texts, there is a minimum fee of 50 SEK Including up to 4 A4 pages. A fax fee of 10 SEK or postal fees not included.

Music Librarian: Per Floberg
Telephone: +46 (0)8-783 88 63

The archive is open every weekday throughout the year.

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